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The winter holiday season is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. It’s also the perfect season for KFC to provide a delicious, easy meal for the whole family.

No other restaurant in the world has a more iconic piece of food packaging than the KFC bucket. The brief was to create a cultural moment around the bucket and lean-in to this season by creating a seasonal piece of packaging to add to the holiday spirit.

Previous KFC Holiday Buckets focussed on the nostalgia of Christmas, however for the 2022 KFC Holiday Bucket the goal was to create an illustration with a fresh vibe that will drive bucket sales and become a collectors item.


At a time where friends and families are finally able to come together again restriction-free for the Winter holidays in 2022, it was more important than ever to convey the message that the KFC’s holiday buckets put the whole family into the holiday spirit.

My idea of Sharing is Caring, is all about sharing in the joy of being together again. Bringing friends and families together sharing a KFC Holiday bucket. It’s a warm reminder to the guests that KFC is and will always be there for families to provide delicious food in a variety of ways.

KFC Sharing is Caring Holiday Bucket. Packaging Design. Creative & Art Direction, Illustration by Allan Chan Creative.

The Sharing is Caring messaging coupled with beautifully crafted typography describing the senses and experiences with KFC is a nod to packaging of yesteryear. With modern illustrations of tasty Finger Lickin’ KFC favourites, sprinkled in with quintessential references to classic winter holidays putting the whole family into the holiday spirit.

KFC Holiday Bucket. Sharing is Caring packaging design. Creative direction, art direction, design and illustration by Allan Chan Creative.
KFC Sharing is Caring Holiday Bucket. KFC meal shared with the family during the holidays. Packaging design by Allan Chan.
KFC Sharing is Caring Christmas Bucket

This is great work Al love it because it’s fun engaging and has real PR and viral possibilities whilst still staying true to the KFC brand!!

Rob Adey
Design Intoto, Director

The creative concept, typography and visual elements from the bucket design were used as the central branding elements for the KFC Sharemobile.

The visual styling was also carried over as supers for the TVC and social media commercials during the holiday season. 

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