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The 12th Man
is Boned!

The double-disc saga entitled Boned was Billy Birmingham’s record-breaking seventh consecutive #1 album, it sold almost 300,000 copies in just a few weeks. The 12th Man, Boned reached number one on the ARIA Album Charts. The album was also nominated for ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release and Highest Selling Album.

The 12th Man, Boned album was “inspired” by the then Channel Nine CEO, Eddie McGuire’s cost-cutting decision to ‘bone’ the entire Cricket Commentary Team. Replacing them with Billy Birmingham, who could impersonate the whole team calling the cricket. Therefore, only have to pay one salary instead of seven.

Working closely in conjunction with Billy, the concept for the CD packaging design was to show Billy with one eye commentating from the commentary box, and another on gorging on seafood, alcohol and watching other sports throughout the day.

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