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Green with envy.
Resort living at home.

Conquests, The Greens Strathfield development in Sydney was to be their flagship development. Built on the lush green expanse of Strathfield Golf Course. The campaign centred around the desirability to have some open green space at your doorstep.

The high-end 5-star development offered resort-like facilities, and my concept for the campaign was centred around the emotional connection we have for when we are on holidays. How it connects us, and how it makes us feel. Bottling up that feeling of forever holidays, and transforming it to the comforts of living in your own resort lifestyle.

Featuring a relaxed, tranquil outlook, with lush green unobstructed Strathfield golf course views with the Sydney city skyline on the horizon, the powerful positioning of ‘Green with envy, resort living at home’ created desirability and a feeling of being on holiday every day.

My idea for The Greens Strathfield development display suite was to bring the elements of the golf course inside. The fully customised pod was transformed into a breathtaking display that utilised the putting green feature wall and floor. Created a sense of fun and warmth leading you through to the salesroom and to experience the full-size apartments. A truly unified brand experience, the bespoke custom-designed TV display walls showcased the brand CGIs in a new and dynamic way.

“What Allan created for the campaign on the greens project was outstanding. It was an innovative marketing campaign that helped us achieve an outstanding result for our vendor”.

James Lampropoulos
Laver, Director | Partner

“From the unique and cleverly thought out CGIs, lifestyle photography and brochure all the way through to the purpose built display showroom, Allan’s out of the box thinking told a story which engaged the consumer”.

James Lampropoulos
Laver, Director | Partner

For such a grand project, it warranted a beautiful brochure to reflect this premium development.  A brochure that would take centre stage as a coffee book on display.

Printed on premium silk HD, with metallic colours throughout, it included a special fold showcasing the hero panoramic CGI on one side and the fun unique, and charming golf course in the home image on the reverse.

“With such a unique project it was critical that the brand and concept showcased a new lifestyle destination. What Allan delivered was exactly what we were looking for”.

James Lampropoulos
Laver, Director | Partner

Incorporating real model talent into the CGI’s, as I wanted to showcase a sense of warmth and personality.

Including tongue-in-cheek and fun disruptor image which enabled cut through from the cluttered cliche standards.

The imagery conveyed a lot of fun and exuded that relaxed feeling we strive for when we are on holidays, the sensory overload, the sense of discovery, embracing the surroundings, wanting to take selfies, and feeling overjoyed with love.

These visuals tantalised and enticed the consumer feeling green with envy at the resort lifestyle every day, driving sales and not wanting to miss out.

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