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Engage your dreams.

1st CITY are experts in residential and commercial sales across the eastern suburbs and have a strong reputation as one of Sydney’s premier agents of luxury and prestige properties.

However, the branding needed an overhaul to reflect this and allow for the business to expand into franchise opportunities. The clarity of the existing brand was hard to distinguish from the brand elements and hierarchy.

My creative was to simplify the elements and make it more streamlined, cleaner and modern, allowing for the brand to have more impact especially digitally. By introducing the spectrum, the element signified strength, growth, transparency, and trust, all the qualities you want from an agent.

A positioning of ‘Engage your dreams’ was developed, meaning to attract someone’s interest, creating meaningful relationships, and fulfil your homeownership dreams.

As part of the rebrand, my creative for the digital experience was also transformed with a beautiful responsive website that included powerful, thought-provoking cinemagraphs and a clean layout enabling to showcase the premium properties. 

Brand styleguide, stationery, signage, print and digital templates were created allowing for the agency to rollout new property listings internally. 

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