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The art of designer

The residential development of boutique designer apartments is Positioned in the heart of a vibrant arts community on Dank’s Street, Waterloo, loved for its galleries, designer stores and thriving culinary scene.  

My intention of this brand was to pay homage to the area and industrial artistic scene. The name Arthouse was a perfect reflection of this, contemporary, designer product. Making the overall brand aesthetic, artistic, urban and edgy.

With my positioning of the ‘the art of designer living’ it established luxurious expectations of the design-savvy target audience, keeping it authentic and aspirational.

The concept was to make the Arthouse display suite feel like you were attending an art gallery. I wanted to capitalise on the artistic style of the brand, turning the old retail space into a true showroom and making it feel like a gallery space.

The Hero CGIs hanging from the exposed beams, art graphics on the windows, a collection of photo frames, and designer furniture, really heightened the overall brand experience for the purchaser.

An open plan journey led the purchaser down to feel the quality finishes, experience the materiality of the kitchen and walking behind revealed the wow moment of the beautifully designed life-size bathroom.

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