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Soaring to
new heights
in Rouse Hill.

Rouse Hill Heights master-planned property development is located in Box Hill. The strategy for the naming was to distinguish this project by positioning the project as a desirable development overlooking Rouse Hill, despite actually being located in Box Hill. Rouse Hill is seen as a more appealing location. Targeted at young 1st home buyers, the brand is bold, vibrant, and full of energy, appealing to people of diverse multicultural backgrounds wanting to buy into this new community.

Located in a thriving growth area, I used super bright vibrant colours as the foundation for the brand, which carried on throughout all the print collateral, signage, digital elements and website. The use of bright and colourful imagery complemented this, creating a dynamic and youthful brand campaign.

The Rouse Hill Heights brand itself is centred around the concept of individuality and what is personal to you. Incorporating the local Sky Train Bridge Landmark, and a fingerprint into the iconography. The use of a young happy couple in the heart of the brand creates an emotive connection, the playful brand sells the dream of homeownership and kickstarting your future.

The brand was brought to life beautifully with a gorgeous responsive website, fresh, engaging animations, bold headlines allowing for a stunning user experience, keeping the layout uncluttered, engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Beautifully printed on premium stock, the hero brochure was complimented with individualised bold, bright and vibrant release plans. The cohesive package unifies the whole suite with names referring back to heights and lifestyle imagery that is fun and relatable and would appeal to the target demographic.

“Allan managed to develop an inspiring project brand which not only appealed to the target market, but also stood out from the competition and consistently raised the industry to new standards of marketing.”.

Wendy Boyd
Legacy Property

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